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Effective Bed Bug Treatments For The Kansas City Metro Area

Don’t let the bed bugs bite. Contact Augustine Exterminators for an effective bed bug treatment that utilizes conventional products to kill bed bugs. If your home, multi-unit complex or other property has been infested by bed bugs, don’t wait. Request your bed bug quote today to get started with our effective bed bug control services!

Why Choose Augustine Exterminators To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

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Thorough Bed Bug Inspections 

When you partner with Augustine Exterminators for bed bug control, we'll conduct a thorough inspection to confirm the presence of bed bugs, determine the level of infestation, and note any harborage opportunities. 

Based on our findings during our inspection, we’ll explain how we’ll get rid of bed bugs and provide the pricing for your bed bug control treatment.

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Comprehensive Treatments

Here at Augustine Exterminators, we follow a proven bed bug treatment protocol. First, we’ll concentrate on treating the mattress, bed frame, nightstands, and floor/wall areas within two feet of the bed. Next, we’ll treat phone and electrical jacks and along the tops and bottoms of baseboards and furniture, if necessary. 

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Detailed Follow-Up Services 

To ensure that the bed bugs are completely eliminated from your home or business, Augustine Exterminators will return within 30 days of your initial bed bug treatment to inspect and re-treat the infested area(s), if necessary and ensure your property stays bed bug-free.

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