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Shawnee, KS Pest Control Serving Businesses Throughout Kansas & Missouri

Shawnee, KS Pest Control

Reliable Pest Control Services For Shawnee, Kansas

Located in Johnson County and only a 12-mile drive from Kansas City is the city of Shawnee. Our area is one of the best places to live in Kansas, with highly rated school systems and opportunities for young professionals. No matter how great of a place it is to live, there are always problems to overcome. One that we face, as do most Americans, is the problem of pest infestations. There is a risk that termites, rodents, or other pests may invade Shawnee homes. Fortunately, residents here have the benefit of a trusted pest control company to call on - Augustine Exterminators. We provide quality control services for pests of all kinds, which means you can be protected no matter what pest you face. Give Augustine Exterminators a call today to start your journey to a pest-free future.

Home Pest Control In Shawnee, Kansas

Pests don’t belong in Shawnee homes, it’s as simple as that. Unfortunately, not everything that sounds simple is. Pest infestations are a common occurrence for many homeowners, and the only real solution is licensed services from a trusted, professional pest control provider.

With the professionals from Augustine Exterminators by your side, you can keep your home and family protected from the destruction, disease, and stress that pest infestations can bring.

We design residential pest control services to meet your individual needs and will always go out of our way to ensure you have the most effective pest control possible. 

Contact Augustine Exterminators today to learn more about how we help Shawnee homeowners!

Commercial Pest Control In Shawnee, Kansas

Through advanced and effective pest control services, and by leaning on the perfected pest management methodology of our trusted pest technicians, Augustine Exterminators can provide Shawnee business owners with the best in commercial pest control solutions. Nothing is worse for Shawnee business owners than when pests spread diseases, contaminate products, and damage their building or equipment. If efficient pest management is what you’re looking for, look no further than Augustine Exterminators! We have just what you need to maintain a professional, clean environment for your customers and employees. We take care of pest infestations so you can focus on your business needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

Problematic Flies In Shawnee, Kansas

We have all dealt with the frustration of swatting away flies from our food during the summer. After all, these filthy insects are not only annoying, but disgusting as well. While it may be frustrating to chase flies around your home with a fly swatter, the real problem springs up when flies pick up dangerous bacteria and bring it into your home or business. Unfortunately, many property owners make mistakes that attract flies to their homes or properties. Below are just some of the problems flies create for Shawnee property owners when they invade:

  • Flies spread diseases. Flies are known for their disgusting feeding habits, most of which can lead to bacteria and harmful diseases being transmitted into your home or business. Garbage, dead animals, feces, and sewage are places flies pick up these diseases.
  • Flies will lay eggs on food items. Most flies lay their eggs in decaying matter or food items that their young can feed on once they hatch. There’s no experience more horrifying than finding your fruit filled with writhing maggots.
  • Flies often attract other pests onto your property that look to them as a food source. For example, spiders have a diet that consists solely of insects. If flies are attracted to your property, spiders will surely follow.

For any pest issues you may face this year, turning to a professional pest control provider like Augustine Exterminators is always a great solution. 

Contact Augustine Exterminators today for more information on how we treat fly infestations!

How You Can Protect Your Shawnee, KS Property From Termites

If there’s one pest infestation that you don’t want in your Shawnee home or commercial building, it’s a termite infestation. These tiny invading insects cause much more of a problem than you’d believe, especially when you consider how small they are. What termites might lack in size, they make up for in numbers. Termite colonies can reach over 1 million individual termites, depending on the species. With the prospect of costly property repairs on the line, most Shawnee residents will want to take every preventative step they can to keep their property protected. Water damaged wood, damp soil around the foundation, leaking fixtures, and pools of stagnant water are all sources of moisture that can attract termites to your home or business. Remove these sources of water, and termites may choose to build their colonies elsewhere.

When termites build colonies outside, they often do so underground or in a decaying tree. Properties with wooden structures in direct contact with the soil might be more prone to termite invasions. Cut back any vegetation from the exterior walls of your property, allowing the sunlight to hit your foundation and dry up any excess moisture. Preventative measures are helpful in some circumstances, though they aren’t as effective as a professional termite service. With termite prevention and control treatments from Augustine Exterminators, your Shawnee property will remain termite-free year-round. We can help with all your termite control solutions, so reach out to us!

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