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Basehor, KS Pest Control Serving Families Throughout Kansas & Missouri

Basehor, KS Pest Control

Trusted Pest Control Services For Basehor, KS

Established in 1889, Basehor, KS, is a Kansas City suburb with a population of just under 6,000. Basehor is composed of beautiful residential neighborhoods and a growing downtown area, making it a popular destination to live, work, and play. Unfortunately, it’s also a popular destination for pests, meaning our homes and businesses are sensitive to pest infestation all year long. If you want to protect your Basehor property from infestation, look no further than the pros at Augustine Exterminators.

We are a local, family-owned company that has been committed to quality pest control since 1966. As Kansas's largest independent pest control business, we’re proud to be the go-to pest and termite experts in the greater Kansas City metro area. From full-on infestations to one-time service visits, we offer everything you need. We’re a QualityPro and GreenPro certified company that uses only professional-grade control products, no generic substitutes. We also offer senior citizen discounts, military discounts, prepay discounts, and deferred billing, working with you to develop the best plan possible. Call today to get started.

Home Pest Control In Basehor, KS

Here at Augustine Exterminators, we provide comprehensive coverage from over 21 common household pests. Some of the species we work with regularly include mosquitoes, termites, rodents, bed bugs, ants, spiders, and many more. We offer one-time services, or quarterly service plans to meet your needs, whatever they are:

Residential Advantage Quarterly Pest Control Program

  • General pest control.
  • Professional rodent control services.
  • Free termite control inspection.
  • Seasonal pest control treatments.
  • Complimentary call-back pledge.

One-Time Pest Control Services

  • Will be there within 48 hours of your call.
  • No contracts are required.
  • Excludes bed bug treatments.
  • No free re-treatments.

With over 53 years of experience in the pest business, you’re in good hands. We don’t lock you into a service plan with constricting contracts, so you never have to worry about unwanted visits or extra payments. Call us for an inspection, and we’ll be there within 48 hours. We look forward to helping you live the pest-free life you deserve.

Commercial Pest Control In Basehor, KS

Our dedicated team of fully trained, licensed, and certified pest control experts are highly experienced in providing complete commercial pest control services that local business owners can count on. We service many properties, including apartment complexes, assisted living facilities, churches, firehouses, police stations, hospitals, medical facilities, hotels, motels, office parks and municipalities, restaurants, bars, and storage facilities. 

We provide customized IPM treatment plans to protect your commercial property from a pest outbreak. We also offer add-on options for bed bug control, mosquito abatement, and termite control and prevention services. Reach out to discuss your commercial pest control needs today.

DIY vs Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning In Basehor 

Cleaning your dryer vents is important for a variety of reasons. Not only does dryer vent cleaning prevent fires, but it also saves you money on your electric bill and protects the lifespan of your appliances. When it comes to cleaning your dryer vent, many people try to take it upon themselves to deal with the situation on their own, but there are some stipulations to consider. 

DIY dryer vent cleaning is really only feasible if the dryer vent pipes are relatively short, only traveling a short distance from the outside vent. Short pipes that go through the wall can be cleaned with your hands, and others can be dealt with using a brush kit. But these methods aren’t always effective.

If your dryer vent exits through the roof, you’ll likely need professional cleaning. Some dryer vents measure up to 40 feet, winding throughout the house with twists and turns and bends in the pipes. DIY brush kits can easily get wedged and stuck in the ductwork, causing a more serious clog than the one you started with. 

Also, one must consider hard, metal ducts vs. flexible ducts and how the brush kit may or may not be effective. It’s risky to use brush kits in the bends of your vent line, as the rods can snap, leaving brush bristles in the vents and putting you at risk.

Only a team of professionals can bring you effective dryer vent cleaning services you can count on. We use professional vacuums, brushes, and air compressors to thoroughly clean your vents and protect you from the dangers of clogged vents and damaged ducts. Call Augustine Exterminators for all of your dryer vent cleaning needs today; we’re here to help.

What To Do If Bitten By A Basehor Tick 

Ticks are pretty common here in Basehor, and seeing as they’re common carriers of Lyme disease, it’s vital to avoid ticks at all costs. However, sometimes things happen fast, and there may already be a tick burrowing into your skin. If you find a tick bite, there are some basic steps for what to do next:

  • Use fine tweezers to pick the tick out from inside your skin.
  • Cleanly pluck it out without moving around to prevent parts of the tick from breaking off.
  • Make sure to remove any remaining mouthparts with the tweezers.
  • Use rubbing alcohol or mild soap and water to clean the site of the bite.
  • Don’t crush the tick; wrap it up in a tissue and dispose of it down the toilet.

After cleaning the bite and disposing of the tick, watch out for symptoms like fever or nausea. These may indicate tick-related health issues, and you should get the bite checked out by a medical professional right away. Contact the team at Augustine Exterminators today for comprehensive tick control and prevention services you can count on.

Why Choose Augustine Exterminators, Inc.?

  • Customer Care Focused
    We offer our services with NO CONTRACTS, so you don't have to worry about getting locked into a service plan. Our word is our contract!
  • Trained & Certified Technicians

    We use only the most advanced, modern methods and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies to protect your home.

  • Over 50 Years of Experience
    We are the largest independent, non-franchise pest control company in Kansas.
  • Family Owned & Operated
    Our three generations practice their family values into the their every day work days!