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De Soto, KS Pest Control

Trusted Pest Control Services For De Soto, KS

Sandwiched between the counties of Johnson and Leavenworth, the small village of De Soto is an incorporated village home to 7,000 residents. The vast majority of homeowners in this area enjoy spending time at De Soto’s many unique festivals, including the De Soto Days Festival and the Winesong at Riverfest. Each of these events is considered to be a major attractant and draws thousands of visitors each year. De Soto is a tranquil Kansas town that rarely experiences much in the way of strife. Unfortunately, there are some residents of this hamlet that seek to complicate the lives of home and business owners alike. These visitors appear on almost every property and act as the insectile infesters of our local environment. From ants and mosquitoes to roaches and rodents, the threats posed by De Soto pests are too large to ignore.

Augustine Exterminators, INC is a proud supporter of pest management in and around the De Soto area. By leveraging decades of experience with our knowledge of the local area, we can quickly and easily eliminate the pests on your property. From residential homes to commercial businesses, Augustine Exterminators, INC can do it all! 

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Home Pest Control In De Soto, KS

Managed by three generations of our family, Augustine Exterminators, INC has developed the perfect recipe for a well-rounded residential pest control plan. For homeowners all over the De Soto area, our unique family-operated plans are the perfect answer to pests new and old.

Here are just a few of the ways our residential pest control plans could change the state of your housing safety:

  • At least four visitations to your property per year.
  • Ongoing pest control efforts against common species such as ants, cockroaches, seasonal invaders, and stinging insects.
  • Rodent control services are completed by professionally licensed teams.
  • Initial termite control inspections are free.
  • Pest control treatments focused on growing, seasonally specific, or established pest populations.

Sign up for some of the best possible pest control efforts in the De Soto area. Call our primary office location to confirm your residential pest control program today. 

Commercial Pest Control In De Soto, KS

Business owners have a lot on their plates. From daily operations to inventory management, there is rarely time to consider the fringe aspects of commercial enterprises. That’s why pest infestations cause some of the most devastating changes to your business environment. Pests take homeowners away from their families, loved ones, and customers, all the while reducing business operations and limiting your return on investment (ROI).

If you are concerned about the likelihood of your business becoming infested by pests, Augustine Exterminators, INC will be ready to help. We offer commercial pest control plans to almost any industry, including but not limited to:

  • Hospitality and overnight lodgings
  • Restaurants, food prep, and food services
  • Industrial manufacturing plants
  • Self-Storage facilities
  • Education and childcare buildings

Join the Augustine Exterminators, INC family when you call our De Soto branch today. We are looking forward to helping you becoming pest-free! 

What Is Causing All These Mosquitoes In De Soto? 

Many people in the De Soto area are concerned about the recent rise of mosquito activity. These pests are notorious for leaving itchy bites behind, but they also create uncomfortable secondary infections and sometimes spread diseases. What is behind the rise of mosquito populations in De Soto? The following may be some of the top factors:

  • High amounts of rainfall
  • Cooler temperatures
  • More stagnant pools of water
  • Unkept grasses or shrubs
  • A greater amount of tourism traffic

If you are concerned about the presence of mosquitoes around your De Soto property, Augustine Exterminators, INC may be able to help. Secure your first initial mosquito treatment and enjoy a season of outdoor bliss by scheduling your first mosquito abatement today

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Cockroaches On Your De Soto Property 

Every home in De Soto is subject to infestations from cockroaches. These water-loving pests are well known for taking over homes and businesses around Kansas and may appear at almost any time. If you think or know that cockroaches could be near your De Soto property, follow this list of best practices:

  • Reduce the humidity inside the home with a dehumidifier or set of desiccant bags.
  • Store all food in their properly sealed containers, and all garbage in plastic-lined bins.
  • Remove trash from the home at least once per week.
  • Eliminate household clutter, and be sure to mop, sweep, and vacuum the home often.
  • Invest in ongoing cockroach prevention treatments with the team at Augustine Exterminators, INC.

Help us help you by scheduling your first initial roach treatment today. We will be happy to give you a free no-obligation quote as soon as possible. 

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