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Edgerton, KS Pest Control

Trusted Pest Control In Edgerton, KS

Infused with all of the vitality of a major metropolis but contained in a small-town capsule, the city of Edgerton is steeped with rich history tucked away in the southwest corner of Johnson County. From fresh, local fare to sprawling parks, Edgerton provides a safe community for its locals while giving a dose of enchantment to its visitors passing through.

However, a side of the city is not so rosy. Edgerton is also home to various nuisance pests that residents could encounter at home or in business. Thankfully, specialists with Edgerton pest control have the resources and training to make any pest problem you have a thing of the past.

Augustine Exterminators provides cutting-edge pest control solutions to transform your property into the peaceful and safe atmosphere it was always intended. For more information about our menu of services, contact us today.

Residential Pest Control In Edgerton

Our team at Augustine Exterminators makes it our goal to improve the lives of Edgerton residents by providing exceptional and reliable pest control services for your home. Dealing with infestations on your own is burdensome and in some cases, frightening. We take all the guesswork out of the elimination process. Operating a successful business for more than 50 years teaches you a thing or two about delivering outstanding services that maintain a good quality of life.

We offer various options to suit your needs if you're worried about intrusive pests. Our one-time pest control service eliminates a current infestation on your property without committing to a long-term plan. However, for those who want to safeguard their home all year, we offer a quarterly pest control program, which offers proactive protection against various pests.

We welcome any questions you have regarding our residential pest control services.

Commercial Pest Control In Edgerton

Quality commercial pest control in Edgerton always begins by partnering with reputable professionals with a long track record of success. At Augustine Exterminators, we ensure your business remains a safe and healthy place where productivity thrives. Our mission has remained the same since 1966: to provide superior professional pest control for your business that meets expectations and exceeds them. Our expertly trained team can resolve any pest problem you encounter. We put the health and safety of you and your staff first by using only the most advanced methods and modern equipment to eliminate various pests.

Our process utilizes the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system that uses a combination of approaches that vary from common sense to forward-thinking. When coupled with our vast knowledge of pest habits and behaviors, the result is a comfortable, pest-free environment that people want to work in daily. Let us know how we can help with your commercial space. Give us a call today.

Four Things Edgerton Residents Can Do To Minimize Rodent Risks

The most effective rodent control for your Edgerton property begins with taking preventative measures to discourage infestations from happening at all. This includes implementing a combination of exclusionary tactics with a regular cleaning routine. Consistency in your approach is the key and will pay off in a drastic reduction of rodents and other intrusive pests. Check out our list of four simple ways to discourage these critters from coming around your property:

  1. Keep your surroundings tidy. Rodents can build nests from paper, fabric, or soft and fluffy material. So, store these items out of plain sight and clear away cluttered spaces where these creatures can hide.
  2. Close off entry points. Rodents have an uncanny knack for finding the tiniest opening in your home's foundation and squeezing through it. Use a sealant, like foam or silicon caulk, to fill in any breaches. 
  3. Dry up excess moisture. Rodents are attracted to water because it's essential for their reproduction and growth. Without it, they won't survive for long, so repair faulty plumbing that drips, such as leaky pipes and faucets.
  4. Take out your garbage frequently. Do not allow the trash to fill up or overflow. Use sturdy bags and make sure receptacles have lids that close securely.

Additionally, ensure all exterior doors fit their frames without gapping at the top or bottom. Install door sweeps or weather stripping to remedy the issue. For further assistance or to schedule an inspection, contact Augustine Exterminators. We deliver effective solutions to eliminate your existing rodent problem and prevent new infestations in the future.

What Termites Could Mean for Your Edgerton Property

You want to pay attention to a termite problem. These wood-devouring insects can eat away at your home's wooden structures and any other cellulose-rich materials, such as books, insulation, cardboard, carpet, plants, sheetrock paper, and fabric. In nature, termites are significant contributors to the ecosystem for breaking down dying plants and decomposing trees. Their ability to digest the insoluble substance called cellulose is a colossal achievement. Animals as large as goats and cows find it hard to consume this organic matter.

Unfortunately, your Edgerton property contains an oversupply of wood materials that termites can infest and destroy over time. These "silent destroyers" operate on a 24-hour wake cycle, meaning they never sleep, and can gobble up about five grams of wood per day if the colony size is large enough. Termite damage can be so severe that it could compromise the integrity of the supporting structures in your home, causing them to weaken and potentially collapse.

Termites cost U.S. homeowners an estimated $3,000 in repairs and restorations. There's no better reason to seek out the professional assistance of termite control specialists before irreparable damage is done. Our team at Augustine Exterminators works hard to protect your Edgerton property against termites and other harmful nuisance pests. We conduct thorough property inspections, so contact us today to request yours!

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