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Platte City, MO Pest Control Serving Businesses Throughout Kansas & Missouri

Platte City, MO Pest Control

Trusted Pest Control Services For Platte City, MO

Located on the outskirts of Kansas City, Platte City is an ideal suburb for working professionals who commute as well as families. The city is known for its good public schools, businesses both big and small, and a focus on the local community. Platte City is also surrounded by natural beauty, with the Platte City Conservation Area and many other trailheads. The local climate is relatively moderate for its given season; however, that means that there is always the chance of a pest problem. 

For more than 50 years, Augustine Exterminators has been keeping local homes and businesses free from pests with safe and long-lasting methods. Our Platte County pest control is customized to your needs and is guided by the principles of Integrated Pest Management. When you entrust your property to us, we promise to always enlist the most qualified technicians and highest quality products. At Augustine Exterminators, we focus on being effective and affordable. To learn more about our services and schedule your free, no-obligation inspection, contact us today.

Home Pest Control In Platte City, MO

Pest problems can be dangerous and damaging when they happen in and around your Platte City home. At Augustine Exterminators, we provide residential pest control that is built to last. For more than 50 years, our family-owned and locally-operated team has been focused on keeping our community safe from the harms of common area pests. All of our techniques are informed by Integrated Pest Management, the industry’s gold standard that focuses on environmental and biological factors and utilizes chemicals judiciously. To further ensure your safety, all of our pest experts are QualityPro and GreenPro certified. Whether you’re looking to solve a pest problem or prevent one, we can help. With free initial inspections, we’ll be able to assess your entire property and devise a treatment plan that’s unique to your needs. We provide residential pest control on a quarterly basis, though we are also able to offer one-time services and will never require that you sign a contract. To learn more about our services and how they can protect everyone in your home, contact us today

Commercial Pest Control In Platte City, MO

At Augustine Exterminators, we have been providing the highest quality of commercial pest control to local businesses since 1966. As the trusted local pest experts, we believe that keeping businesses pest-free is the first step to protecting the greater community. This is why our team is both QualityPro and GreenPro certified and why we always use the safest products and methods available. All of our systems are founded in Integrated Pest Management, which is a holistic way to understand the scope of your property and treat it properly. All of our commercial pest control programs are going to be custom-tailored to your exacting needs and industry standards. Whether your business is a restaurant, storage facility, medical facility, or hotel, we can find the solutions to your pest problems, the result being a completely pest-free working environment and a safe local community. If your business can benefit from professional pest control, contact us today

Air Duct Cleaning: Helpful Tips For Platte City Homeowners

When it comes to protecting your Platte City household from pest threats and other ones, professional air duct cleaning is the smart choice. At Augustine Exterminators, our licensed and certified technicians have the knowledge, tools, and methods necessary to achieve a task that the average homeowner simply cannot. These methods help protect individuals from bacteria, fungi, and mildew, as well as pests like spiders, parasites, and rodents. At Augustine Exterminators, our air duct cleaning methods both sanitize and deep clean in order to prevent the spread of dangerous pathogens and restore the safety of your home after an infestation. Air duct cleaning is an often overlooked yet highly important step in maintaining a safe home and at Augustine Exterminators, we’re dedicated to making it your reality. To learn more about these services, contact us today.

What To Do If Stinging Insects Are Taking Over Your Platte City Property

Stinging insects can prove very dangerous when they’ve taken up shelter on your Platte City property. For example, wasps are highly territorial and aggressive in nature. If they detect a threat, wasps will attack en masse, which can result in serious allergic reactions for individuals who get stung. Keeping stinging insects off of your property can also prove to be difficult because they are attracted to a wide array of things, from fallen fruit to other conducive conditions. When stinging insects make your home their home, the best thing to do is contact the pros at Augustine Exterminators. Our pest professionals provide stinging insect control that is founded in Integrated Pest Management in order to keep your property safe throughout the year. We focus on the safe removal of nests, old or active, and consult with homeowners on how to make their land unattractive to these pests in the future. For more information on stinging insect control, contact us today.

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