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Olathe, KS Pest Control Serving Businesses Throughout Kansas & Missouri

Olathe, KS Pest Control

Effective & Affordable Pest Control Services For Olathe, Kansas

Olathe is only 19 miles from Kansas City, the fourth most populated city in the metropolitan area, and nothing short of beautifully busy. Unfortunately, pest problems grow larger as the population grows, and more properties are dealing with pest infestations regularly. The good news is that your property doesn’t have to succumb to pests. Trust your home or business to the pest technicians at Augustine Exterminators. We can effectively handle all your pest problems. We have over five decades of dedication and experience, and we always make an effort to produce the best possible services. With Augustine Exterminators servicing your residential or commercial property, you won’t need to worry about pest infestations ever again.

Home Pest Control In Olathe, Kansas

If your Olathe home is attracting pests, it’s time to consider professional pest control. Pests such as termites, rodents, wildlife, cockroaches, ticks, spiders, and others have the potential to cause numerous problems, including damage to your property and spreading disease.

Other pests destroy personal belongings, furniture, and the structural integrity of your property. No one services Olathe homes better than the professionals here at Augustine Exterminators. We always provide residential properties with the care, expertise, and products needed to keep them pest-free 24/7.

Don’t wait for cockroaches and rodents to infest your home and spread harmful bacteria to your family when you have the experienced pest professionals from Augustine Exterminators at your disposal. Reach out today to start enjoying a pest-free home with our home pest control services!

Commercial Pest Control In Olathe, Kansas

Your commercial property deserves the best, and the way you choose your pest control is an essential part of keeping any Olathe business running properly. As a business owner, you already have a lot on your to-do list, making any pest infestation challenging if you’re trying to handle it alone. When you partner with Augustine Exterminators for your commercial pest control needs, you don’t have to face pest problems alone anymore. Our experienced and professional pest technicians are always ready to assist you with whatever your commercial property needs. Augustine Exterminators provides everything from inspections to individualized treatment options. For more information on how we treat Olathe businesses for pests, reach out to us today!

Three Of The Most Common Ants Found In Olathe, KS

We have all seen ants being busy little workers as they gather around a food source and begin carrying it back to their colony. In nature, ants eat other insects, rotting fruits, and other decaying matter. However, they can’t seem to stay away from Olathe properties either. The most common types you see in our area are carpenter ants, odorous house ants, and pavement ants.

  1. Carpenter ants
    Carpenter ant infestations are usually the most feared. These wood-destroying insects are much larger than other common invading ants, some reaching 1/4 of an inch long. Most carpenter ants are black or brown. These ants cause headaches for Olathe property owners by tunneling through the wooden structures of homes and commercial buildings. While termites eat the wood they tunnel through, carpenter ants do not.
  2. Odorous house ants
    Odorous house ants are small in size, black or dark brown, and no larger than 3/16 of an inch long. Odorous house ants infest homes seeking food, usually something sweet or high in protein. While these ants are certainly not pleasant to find in your house, they also cause problems when giving off the smell of rotten coconuts when they are in large numbers or when crushed.
  3. Pavement ants
    Pavement ants get their name from the fact that they are usually found around or under pavement, often near sidewalks and driveways. These ants are generally no bigger than 1/8 of an inch and are brown or black, with paler colored antennae and legs. When these ants infest your property in large groups, they can become a nuisance, invading your patio or kitchen.

Dirty Or Stained Carpets In Olathe? Augustine Exterminators Can Help

If the carpets inside your property have seen better days, Augustine Exterminators is here to help. One-time, monthly, and quarterly carpet cleaning services are available for commercial or residential clients. We will treat odors and stains with the refreshing touch of our indelible team's refined skill set.

Our comprehensive treatment includes both vacuuming and deep cleaning. The cleaning system spews high-temperature water and soap to clean carpets effectively. It administers a carefully selected solution, filters it through the system, and sucks it back up. Call on us for pet odor elimination with carpet cleaning in Olathe, tile and grout cleaning, and more.

Problems Dirty Dryer Vents Can Cause For Olathe Homes

Dirty dryer vents can potentially contaminate the air, causing homeowners and their loved ones a variety of problems. Dirty vents create the need for an exceptional air duct cleaning service in Olathe. When you're worried about breathing in allergens and whatever else has accumulated inside your vents, it's especially important to keep an eye on dirty dryer vents, and that's just what our professionals at Augustine Exterminators are here to do.

Dirty vents can spell trouble, causing either fire-related issues or moisture problems that could lead to health concerns. From asthma attacks to allergies, you and your loved ones might end up dealing with dust mites, spiders, fungi, mildew, bacteria, and microbiological growth. Instead of taking on this issue by yourself, trust your local experts here at Augustine Exterminators to get the job done every time. 

One of the easiest ways to control contaminants in your indoor air is to entrust it to our well-trained professionals here at Augustine Exterminators. Our thorough team will target anything that could compromise your family's health, and you'll be able to breathe easily in no time.

Five Tips To Keep Flies Out Of Your Kitchen In Olathe

There are measures you can take in order to keep flies out of your kitchen. Stopping that annoying buzzing is one of the most important things you can do to preserve your quality of life and your sanity. No one wants to be swatting at flies while trying to cook, eat, or sleep. Put annoying and nuisance flies in the past by taking action and stopping them in their flight paths. 

Keep the following five effective tips in mind to keep flies out of your kitchen so you can focus on food and nothing more:

  1. Dispose of animal waste quickly.
  2. Keep your property litter-free.
  3. Clean garbage cans on a weekly basis.
  4. Keep doors and windows tightly shut.
  5. Keep doors and windows screened.

These simple actions can bring you peace of mind so you can get back to enjoying your life as it should be. You won't have to worry about potential contamination from flies landing on every other thing sitting on your kitchen counter while you try to prepare or serve food. The fruitless swatting is in the past, and a fly-free property can be in your present in no time. Put the problem into the hands of our professionals here at Augustine Exterminators so you can focus on doing what you do best. 

Our highly trained and experienced experts are ready to take on the task. We can cover any of your residential fly control needs, with some of the best technicians in the business slated to spring into action. Get rid of your current fly infestation with fly control in Olathe by reaching out to Augustine Exterminators to schedule your appointment today. 

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