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Farley, MO Pest Control Serving Families Throughout Kansas & Missouri

Farley, MO Pest Control

Pest Control In Farley, MO

Farley is a northwest suburb of Kansas City with a tiny population in the hundreds. The Platte County community sits alongside the Platte River, which runs into the Missouri River. It has plenty of open space and is a short drive from Kansas City, providing residents with plenty of entertainment, dining, and shopping destinations.

The space around Farley properties is filled with grass, bushes, and trees, making them attractive homes for animals. These creatures live near residences and businesses, providing easy access to buildings. They enter these structures when they lack food, water, and shelter, causing damage and making occupants sick. Farley, MO, pest control professionals can protect residents from these potentially dangerous intruders.

When pests get into your Farley building, Augustine Exterminators are here to help. We’ve been protecting Farley residents from pests since 1966 and are ready to solve your pest problems.

Residential Pest Control In Farley

Many Farley homes have natural growth encompassing much of the property, attracting animals of all shapes and sizes. These creatures invade through cracks and hide in walls, basements, and attics. They can cause damage and spread bacteria, impacting your structure and your family's health. Residential pest control services can find and eliminate these pests to reduce these concerns.

Augustine Exterminators has the solution for pests in Farley homes. We’ll inspect your property, identifying animals, entry points, and attractants, before developing a treatment plan for your house. Our technicians use the best products to eliminate pests and will make your home unattractive to other creatures. We’ll also close gaps and create a barrier around your exterior for prevention.

While we can provide one-time services, pests are always nearby and looking for new ways to get into your home. For this reason, we also offer quarterly services. Call us today to keep your Farley home pest-free.

Commercial Pest Control In Farley

When operating a business, you want to avoid any visitors that might disrupt your operations. Pests are the most troublesome guests because they can damage your building and spread illnesses to your employees and customers. Many of these intruders are tiny, making them hard to find, so you need help from commercial pest control experts.

Our priority at Augustine Exterminators is protecting your business and everyone inside. We know how to find the pests in your building and use the best techniques to remove them. We’ll expel the invasive creatures and take steps to ensure others don’t follow behind them. Our recurring services provide further protection by stopping infestations before they happen. Keeping pests out of your commercial facility is essential for your productivity. 

Contact us for the most effective protection in Farley.

How Farley Homes Benefit From Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Your home's air quality is directly related to your family's health, so air duct cleaning is essential. This process is vital in HVAC maintenance because these pathways direct air around your home and can potentially spread bacteria and other contaminants. Air duct cleaning ensures you’re not breathing in anything that could cause asthma, allergies, or other illnesses.

The biggest concerns regarding your air ducts are dust and mold. Dust can accumulate almost anywhere, and mold grows in humid environments. Your HVAC system can provide the moisture and humidity necessary to spread this bacteria, and both can trigger asthma and allergies.

When you hire professional air duct cleaning, they’ll inspect your air ducts to discover and remove unwanted particles. Some of the benefits you’ll experience after this process include the following:

  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Increase HVAC efficiency
  • Remove foul odors
  • Eliminate allergy irritants

When you call Augustine Exterminators to clean your air ducts, we’ll start by cleaning and sanitizing the covers and removing buildups to prevent dust. We’ll clean the source of your air supply and use the RamAir 700PSA air-ball systems to clean your air ducts. Give us a call to improve the air quality in your Farley home.

What Farley Homeowners Can Do To Prevent Silverfish

Silverfish seem like harmless insects for Farley residents. They don’t damage buildings or make people sick, but they'll deface some of your items, chewing through paper, clothing, and upholstery. Preventing these pests from invading your house will help you avoid these problems.

Rather than waiting for the damage to occur, you can take steps to prevent silverfish from invading your home. Some silverfish prevention tips for your home include:

  • Use dehumidifiers
  • Repair leaks
  • Keep old magazines, books, and clothes in sealed receptacles
  • Store food in tightly shut containers

When these pests get into your house, you can minimize damage by calling the professionals at Augustine Exterminators. We’ll find these pests and discover how they entered your home. We can remove them and provide advice on how to prevent future issues. 

Let us know if you need to get rid of silverfish in your Farley home.

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