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Lenexa, KS Pest Control

Quality Pest Control Services For Lenexa, Kansas

As a city located in Johnson County, Lenexa, Kansas is an area filled with places to go and things to do. We see our fair share of temperature changes as the seasons pass, which means we also see quite a few pest problems arise. To keep your Lenexa commercial or residential property pest-free, consider Augustine Exterminators for your pest control and management needs. We offer a wide variety of pest control services to Lenexa residents that keep many common pests away from homes and businesses. Here at Augustine Exterminators, we get the job done right. When you need proper pest treatments and services, no one does it better than Augustine Exterminators.

Home Pest Control In Lenexa, Kansas

Augustine Exterminators has been dedicated to servicing Lenexa residents since 1966. We protect homes and families from the destruction, disease, and frustration that pests bring to Lenexa properties by providing comprehensive pest control services you can trust.

We keep residential properties protected against pests such as cockroaches, rodents, mosquitoes, and termites, using the highest quality products and most advanced forms of pest treatment.

Our service technicians will communicate with you about our findings and schedule the perfect treatment solutions for your Lenexa home. If effective home pest control and management sound like something you need this year, contact Augustine Exterminators!

Commercial Pest Control In Lenexa, Kansas

When you decide you need to leave the protection of your Lenexa business to a pest control provider, there’s no one better than the trusted pest technicians here at Augustine Exterminators. With over five decades of professional commercial pest control experience, you can relax knowing that your Lenexa business is in good hands. Here at Augustine Exterminators, we provide thorough services that keep your commercial property protected from pests, and we have an excellent reputation among our customers.

With Augustine Exterminators by your side, you receive a thorough inspection which provides an accurate identification of the pest threats in and around your business. We'll then eliminate any of your current pest problems with effective treatments which also prevent future pests from invading. There is never any harm in taking your first step to pest protection before you’re invaded. Reach out to Augustine Exterminators today to find out what we can do for your Lenexa-based company.

How Dangerous Are Black Legged Ticks In Lenexa, KS?

Here in Lenexa, many residents are aware that ticks are a big problem, especially during the summer and fall. However, not everyone understands just how dangerous certain ticks are. One tick that causes chaos across the United States is the infamous black-legged tick. These tiny, nasty parasites are most commonly known for their ability to sometimes transmit Lyme disease to humans. If a tick does bite you, it is best to get in touch with your doctor if you start noticing signs of disease, such as headaches, muscle or joint pain, fever, or a rash around the site where you were bitten. To avoid the stress of ticks entirely, contacting Augustine Exterminators for your pest control worries is your best course of action. Our service professionals have the skill and equipment you need to keep ticks off your property.

Steps You Can Take To Minimize Mosquito Exposure In Lenexa, KS

There’s nothing more irritating than the whine of a mosquito next to your face. These small, annoying insects are always looking for a new host to devour a blood meal from, and if you’re not careful, you could be their next buffet. When it comes to reducing your risk of bites this season, professional mosquito control options are a great way to go. However, you can reduce your mosquito exposure until the professionals arrive by understanding a few facts about mosquitoes:

  • Mosquitoes find their next meal by identifying movement and "tasting" the carbon dioxide that mammals give off when exhaling. If you are outdoors while mosquitoes are most active (dawn and dusk), you have a higher risk of being bitten.
  • If you have any source of standing water on your property, it is likely that the mosquito population is high. It can be hard to find and remove every amount of standing water, but you can still check your gutters for debris and dump out items that have collected water.
  • Insect repellent is always a great option if you will be spending a lot of time outdoors. The chemicals in several bug sprays contain a smell that makes it difficult for mosquitoes to detect carbon dioxide and lactic acids, which makes you an attractive meal.

The most effective and long-term solution to mosquito infestations is routine mosquito treatments throughout the months they are most active. Augustine Exterminators provide quick and efficient mosquito treatments for Lenexa residents. Keep yourself protected from the dangers of mosquito bites by giving us a call today!

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