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Blue Springs, MO Pest Control

Trusted Pest Control Services For Blue Springs, Missouri

No more than 19 miles east of downtown Kansas City resides Blue Springs, which is the eighth largest city within the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. With the Kansas City Zoo, Watkins Mill State Park, and Walt Disney House & Garage all in our area, both residents and visitors have a wide variety of locations to visit and activities to explore. But, along with the bustling activity of Blue Springs comes many common pests such as rats, mice, ants, and spiders that invade the properties in the area. Augustine Exterminators provides property owners with the best possible pest control service and technologies. With several decades of experience, you can trust us to get the job done right.

Home Pest Control In Blue Springs, MO

Any Blue Springs home deserves the love and care of a responsible homeowner. However, even the most responsible homeowners often forget the benefits that a licensed pest control provider can have on their property.

Pests invade homes every year, whether we like it or not. Sometimes, the only thing you can do to protect your Blue Springs home from the dangers pests such as fleas, roaches, spiders, and termites can cause is to reach out for the help of a pest control professional.

Augustine Exterminators will always extend the helpful hands of our pest control and management programs. All of our residential pest control plans are effective year-round, leaving you to live your life worry-free of pests! 

Contact Augustine Exterminators today for a future without pest problems!

Commercial Pest Control In Blue Springs, MO

Blue Spring businesses cannot run effectively when pests interfere with the production, quality, and value of the products and services they provide. Rodents can chew up wires, cockroaches can contaminate food products, and other wildlife can damage equipment or harm employees. It doesn’t matter what pest problem you’re facing this year, pests are simply bad for business. Your business can stay protected from pests when you implement an effective commercial pest management plan. Augustine Exterminators has been servicing Missouri businesses since 1966. We have several decades of experience controlling pests. Keep pests out of your Blue Springs business and out of your way when you partner with Augustine Exterminators!

Problems Cockroaches Cause In Blue Springs, MO

Cockroaches have a bad reputation due to their filthy nature and incredibly fast reproduction rate. Any property with enough moisture and food sources has the risk of cockroach infestations. Despite what many Blue Springs residents might believe, your property doesn’t have to be dirty to attract roaches. There are several cases of cockroach infestations inside clean homes too. The things these bugs need to survive is warmth, moisture, and food. If your property has those, your home may be their next target.

Cockroaches are not afraid to rummage around places that many of us would never dream of going. Feces, garbage dumps, decaying matter, and dead animals are just a few of the areas cockroaches find their most tasty meals. While crawling in these filthy locations, roaches pick up harmful bacteria and pathogens, which they can then bring into our homes. Some of the diseases linked to the bacteria they can carry include salmonella, polio, and dysentery. Additionally, some individuals may be more sensitive to the allergens found on their shed skins or feces that can result in allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Don’t let cockroaches take over your home this year when you can have the experienced pest technicians from Augustine Exterminators take them out! 

To learn more about how we treat cockroach infestations, reach out to us today!

Three Things Everyone In Blue Springs, MO Should Know About Mosquitoes

When you find yourself dealing with any pest problem on your Blue Springs property, the first thing you may think is "what should I know about this pest?". Finding mosquitoes on your property can mean a lot of stress and several ruined outdoor gatherings. If mosquitoes are causing problems for your yard, it can be beneficial to know these three crucial facts about these tiny, bloodsucking pests:

  1. Mosquitoes are capable of breeding and laying eggs in puddles as small as the palm of your hand. While it’s great to remove more significant sources of standing water, mosquitoes are still able to thrive on your Blue Springs property even if all the water sources are quite small.
  2. Only female mosquitoes feed on blood. Male mosquitoes only eat nectar produced by plants. Female mosquitoes need blood as their source of protein which is used to nourish their eggs.
  3. In many cases, mosquitoes are the leading factor in the spread of diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. These diseases are spread from an infected individual to a healthy one when a mosquito transfers minuscule amounts of blood each time they travel from host to host.

While it is helpful to be aware of these facts, the only way to keep mosquitoes from infesting your yard this year is with an effective mosquito control plan. Here at Augustine Exterminators, we work hard to protect Blue Springs properties from the diseases and problems caused by mosquitoes. With one of our residential mosquito control programs, you won’t have to worry about bites while hosting outdoor parties or while spending time in your backyard. 

Reach out to Augustine Exterminators today to see exactly how our services can work for you!

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