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Riverside is a bustling suburban community with plenty of parks and amenities for residents to take advantage of and full of families looking to settle down or enjoy their daily lives. However, pest issues in the area can disrupt the everyday peace of Riverside, and Platte County pest control is often needed to address these issues.

At Augustine Exterminators, we understand the importance of protecting your Riverside home or business from all types of pests. That’s why we strive to offer several different, customizable treatment solutions to serve your pest control needs. Our company has experience dating back to 1966, so you know that we are ready to provide you with the most reliable pest control possible.

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Residential Pest Control In Riverside

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Local and family-owned Augustine Exterminators know how important it is for you to keep your Riverside residence completely protected from pest invaders. We pride ourselves on our customer service and dedication to keeping area homes pest-free so that you can safely enjoy them without the risks of a pest problem.

Our residential pest control solutions are customized to your home’s needs and include four quarterly visits, allowing us to ensure that pests stay off of your property year-round. If this isn’t your option, our technicians can customize one-time solutions easily and will never ask you to sign a contract for services you don’t request. You get the best quality service that perfectly suits your home’s needs.

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Commercial Pest Control In Riverside

Even a single insect or rodent sighting in your Riverside business can result in a scare and a loss of reputation around the community. It is essential to protect your commercial property from all pests if you want to avoid the many negatives that come with infestations of insects or rodents – Augustine Exterminators can help you with this.

With experience dating back to 1966, our team at Augustine Exterminators will keep your commercial property safe from pests, no matter what. We offer several options for regular treatment plans. We can provide you with an alternative customized plan that utilizes Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods if our existing options don’t meet your property’s needs. These flexible commercial pest control solutions allow us to eradicate your active pest issues and ensure they stay gone in the long term.

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What Not To Do About Termites On Your Riverside Property

Termites invading your Riverside property can be a serious issue and is not something to be ignored. If you suspect termites are invading, there are some things that you should not do to address this issue:

  • Never ignore a suspected termite problem or assume the infestation will solve itself; this only allows the termites to tunnel more and create further serious damage, resulting in costly repairs and a high risk of structural collapse.
  • Don’t attempt to treat your termite infestations solely with DIY or store-bought methods. These are usually less than effective and won’t target the root of your infestation, putting you at risk for ongoing termite problems.
  • Refrain from repairing areas of apparent termite damage without first getting an inspection or treating your termite infestation. Termites will continue to chew through the wood of your property and will create more problems.

At the first sign of this pest, you should contact Augustine Exterminators for a professional inspection and tailored treatment solutions that effectively remove all traces of this destructive insect.

The Key To Effective Hornet And Wasp Control In Riverside

Hornets and wasps are dangerous stinging insects around your Riverside property due to their aggressive nature and the potential for painful, allergy-inducing stings. The key to effectively controlling populations of this pest on your property is making the area less hospitable to hornets and wasps, reducing your chances of picking up an infestation.

To deter hornets or wasps from entering your yard, you can:

  • Be careful with food and drinks, especially those you enjoy outdoors. These pests love sugary and protein-rich items, and dirty dishes, food or drink spills, and leftover food throughout interior or exterior areas can attract them.
  • Always seal trash bags tightly and dispose of trash promptly. Much like food and drinks, trash and organic waste can emit an odor that attracts hungry hornets and wasps to your property.
  • Reduce harborage spots around your property, such as overgrown foliage or lots of overhanging branches that hornets or wasps may use to create their nests.
  • Consider planting less desirable greenery for stinging insects, such as lemongrass, peppermint plants, and sage.

Additionally, if you are struggling with an infestation of hornets or wasps, you should contact Augustine Exterminators for safe and reliable removal.


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