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Kansas City's Best-Kept Secret To Effective Bed Bug Control

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Kansas City is America’s crossroads, a vibrant town in the heartland of the continent that travelers pass through all year long. But areas where humans travel and congregate can lead to concentrations of pests like bed bugs, which feed on people. Learning how to ensure effective bed bug control in Kansas City is all about learning how you can stop the spread of pests. Let Augustine Exterminators help you; contact our local office today

How Bed Bugs Travel In Kansas City

Most people don’t think about what causes bed bugs, just that they know they don’t want them. However, understanding how bed bug populations migrate from one property to the next is important for preventing them in Kansas City. 

Unlike those that directly invade properties, many parasitic pests like bed bugs instead hitchhike their way into homes and businesses. They cling to people’s clothing, packs, luggage, and furnishings so they are never far from a source of food and are always capable of hitching a ride where more humans might gather. 

This is why bed bug problems tend to happen in hotels, airports, hospitals, and even residential neighborhoods. It’s also why you can never guarantee that bed bugs will never invade, because they can come in without anyone realizing it when you travel or have guests from afar. 

Bed Bug Infestations: The Problems These Pests Cause

Despite their small size, bed bugs can lead to big problems. Not only can they spread quickly throughout a property, but they have immediate effects on the hosts they feed on. 

Here’s why you need to address bed bugs quickly: 

  • Bites: Of course, as parasitic pests, bed bugs leave bites behind that are itchy and uncomfortable on your skin.
  • Infections: While bed bugs aren’t known to transmit any bacteria or diseases, the welts they leave behind can get infected. Repeated scratching, which can happen without you knowing it during your sleep, can also increase this risk.
  • Eggs: As always, the real issue with pests isn’t the immediate problems they cause, but the long-term cycle of infestation that can accompany them. Bed bugs lay many eggs after each feeding, meaning the problem can quickly spread throughout your property. 

The problems they can cause are also some of the earliest signs of bed bugs, and sometimes the first and only sign people get. That’s why you need to turn directly to local experts to eliminate the problem before it can grow. 

Maintaining A Bed Bug-Free Home: Prevention Strategies

One of the things that makes bed bugs such frustrating pests is that there’s no way to guarantee you’ll never get them. People don’t always realize it when exposed to these tiny pests. Often, the itchy bite marks they leave behind are the first and only clue that there’s a problem. 

That said, you can take certain steps to reduce your likelihood of tracking bed bugs in. When traveling, for example, you should check your bedding and luggage thoroughly for bed bugs or eggs. You should do the same for used items like furniture and clothing that you buy or take in from friends and family. 

If you do wind up with a bed bug infestation, you should also seek professional bed bug treatments immediately. The main mistake people make with bed bugs is trying to handle the problem on their own with deep cleaning or DIY products. This will just allow the pests to rebound, lengthening the time they can impact your health. 

The Best Way To Completely Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Because they can’t be completely avoided, it’s more important to know how to get rid of bed bugs. DIY heat treatments and pesticides likely won’t address the eggs that will spawn into a new generation of pests., which is why you shouldn’t try to handle the issue yourself.

Professional treatments work because they affect bed bugs at every stage of their life cycle, without damaging your property or impacting your health in other ways. It’s better to be certain than to roll the dice on bed bug control. For bed bug services in Kansas City, turn to Augustine Exterminators.

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