Why Choose Professional Pest Control Over DIY Methods?

May 28, 2019

How often do you encounter pests inside your home? Are ants a common occurrence in your kitchen and dining areas? Do you catch spiders crawling on your walls? How about rodents, have you ever had a mouse or a rat overwinter inside your walls? Whatever pests you are dealing with in your home, we would like to offer assistance from the professional pest control experts here at Augustine Exterminators.

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DIY vs. Professional Pest Control

A common misconception is that DIY (do-it-yourself) pest control is just as effective as professional pest control. In reality, without the proper knowledge, products, and experience, dealing with pests on your own can be a nightmare. For one, most over-the-counter pest control products contain dangerous chemicals which can be harmful to you, your family, and your pets if they are not used properly. With professional pest control from Augustine Exterminators, treatments containing chemicals are used in the right amounts and only in targeted areas where pests reside most often .

Another thing that makes DIY so difficult is the variety of pests and the different methods needed to exclude them. Unless you have time to become an expert in over 100 pests and how to keep them out, professional pest control will always be the easier and more effective solution.

When you choose professional pest control over DIY, you get fast solutions that require no extra hassle for you. The greatest part about our pest control is: you will know it is working by noting the absence of pests. This is because the majority of our treatments are invisible to the naked eye.

Finally, when you choose professional pest control over DIY, you get quality assurance. If you are defending your home, and pests get inside, you have to fix it. But if you have Augustine Exterminators, INC providing your pest control, pests getting into your home is our sign to head back over.

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