What Kind Of Damage Can Termites Do To Overland Park Homes?

June 26, 2019

Have you ever seen a tree that looks like it was destroyed from the inside out to the point where large pieces of it are nothing more than sawdust? If so, then you have seen what termites can do. Although the destruction they cause to decomposing trees in nature is helpful for the environment, doing the same kind of destruction to our homes is not helpful in the slightest. Today we are talking about the damage termites cause in homes, some ways you can spot it, and why your homeowner's insurance most likely doesn’t cover it.

termite on wood

In-Depth Guide To Termite Damage

Different species of termites damage homes in different ways. For instance, subterranean termites usually only destroy wet or rotting wood that has becomes soft, while dry wood termites prefer harder non-damaged wood. In addition, subterranean termites tend to eat along the grain of wood where it is the softest, whereas dry wood termites can eat straight through the grain.

When termites eat through the wood of a home, some serious damage can show up. Here is our list:

  • Mud tubes running up the exterior foundation of your home.

  • Small holes chewed into the structural wood of your home.

  • Chewed up wood in your yard.

  • Destroyed wood-based items around your home (non-structural).

  • Bubbling wallpaper/paint.

  • Loose squeaky floorboards.

  • Hollowed-out door/window frames.

  • Sagging floors.

  • Buckling walls/ceilings.

  • Severe structural failure.

Why Most Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t Cover Termite Damages

Do you have homeowners insurance? How closely have you looked at your coverage? If you haven’t looked, we recommend giving your provider a call and asking if your home is covered for termites, because there is a good chance it is not. Most insurance companies deem termite damage as preventable. They leave the job of preventing termite damage to you.

How Augustine Can Help Keep Termites Away From Your Home

Whether you are seeing termite damage in your home or would like to never see it, the pros here at Augustine Exterminators have your solution. With over 52 years of experience in the pest control industry and the number-one termite treatment available, Termidor, on our side, you can be sure your home will get the protection it needs when you partner with us to protect your home against termites.

To learn more about how Termidor works, or to schedule an inspection/treatment for your home, contact us today!

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