What Kansas City Property Owners Should Know About Effective Rat Control

January 15, 2021

You may not think of them as home wreckers, but these small mammals are about as bad as they can come. Rats are large, quadruped rodents that are nearly entirely dependent on human activity. About a foot long from tip to tail, rats are brown or grey in color and possess sharp ears and blunt snouts.

There are many problems that come from an in-home rat infestation, such as property destruction, severe disease, and parasite spread. Thanks to the rodent’s affinity for dank, dark, and dirty places, their effects on household health are further multiplied. For these reasons, it is important to reinforce your home against rat infestations long before they occur. 

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Ways To Prevent Rats In Kansas City Homes

While rodents are particularly difficult to defend against, implementing certain prevention steps in your home may be enough to keep them out for good. Check out some important pointers of effective rat control below:

  • Rodent control begins with rodent awareness. Seal up any cracks or crevices forming around the home, even the ones that seem ‘too small’ to cause problems.
  • Rats have been known to squeeze through holes as small as 25 millimeters in diameter, making them one of the hardest mammals to keep out of the house. Use weatherproofing, door and window screens, and other tools to prevent them from finding entry into the home.
  • An excess of moisture in the home is sure to draw a multitude of pests, including rats. Run a dehumidifier in areas experiencing chronic moisture, or hang desiccant bags within the area. Consider checking pipes and drains for underlying issues that could be contributing to the problem.
  • A rodent’s teeth never stop growing, which leads to a number of interesting effects in the home. Rats can chew through plastic, drywall, wood, and even concrete in some extreme cases. Ensure that your food is stored in strong, anti-pest containers. Do not leave any food crumbs or scraps out in the open for very long.

Rats seem almost unstoppable in an urban environment, especially in areas such as Kansas City. However, getting a handle on your current rodent concerns today will lead to a much better, pest-free tomorrow. Schedule a home inspection with Augustine Exterminators to get started on a solution now.

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Rodents are unsettling on their own, but rodents living in a home are even more unsettling. Their proclivity for the spread of disease, coupled with the unsanitary conditions in which they live, poses an enormous health risk to you and your family.

Despite what you may have been told, the most efficient, effective, and safest way to handle a rat infestation is to rely on professional extermination assistance. Augustine Exterminators is Kansas City’s go-to expert on rodent infestations and beyond, proudly serving customers since 1966. We offer more than just subscription services: with one time treatments and quarterly pest plans, we wipe out rodent infestations without breaking a sweat or your wallet. Our locally owned and family operated team is prepared to fight any rat problems at any stage of development. For more information regarding rodent control in your Kansas City home, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Augustine Exterminators right away. Consultation is available in-person at one of our home inspections, or over the phone with one of our trained service agents. Our online contact forms are the perfect way to connect with us virtually and get answers to all of your pressing rodent questions. Augustine Exterminators scares rats to death: literally! See for yourself when you book a visit with our professional team today.

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