Spring In Kansas City

May 1, 2014

Spring has been a long time coming this year, with many unwelcome stops along the way. What does this mean to all of us? For those of us who track multi-generational pests indoors, such as cockroaches – not much. They have carried on unfazed; too often through lack of knowledge or concern.

a cockroach on a broom inside of a home in kansas city missouri

Pests that ordinarily live outdoors and merely seek shelter indoors from the ravages of winter often pop up, seemingly from nowhere, banging their heads against the inside of the windows. But, while winter was long and spring may be brief, we won’t lack for concern of pests.

We have already seen cluster flies indoors, coming out of hibernation from within attics and exterior walls. Once they escape to the outside, they will begin doing what all living things do - making sure that there will be more of them later on. The same will be true of carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and yellow jackets - just to name a few of the pests that we will have to deal with. So, what can we do now that we should have done at this time last year?

Remember that your pest control authority had reminded you to eliminate every crack and crevice that you could find on the exterior of your home, and to make sure that all of the screens on your exterior doors and windows were tightly fitted and in good repair. Are your gutters clear of rotting leaves and properly sloped for complete drainage? Standing water in such locations makes for mosquito heaven.

“But wait,” you say, “My birdbath needs constant water for our feathered friends”. Just flush it out to remove eggs and larvae. Do this, and refill it at least once a week. Are the window wells around your home clear and free of last years’ leaves and other trash? If not, then that - as well as poorly sealed basement windows - provide a super highway into your basement and the rest of the house.

Spring is for garage sales, and a wonderful opportunity to get rid of unused, outgrown, and worn-out items that simply add to clutter and provide an alluring home for carpet beetles, clothes moths, and spiders, among other pests. Look around – what about that Christmas or birthday gift that you will never use? I’ll bet somebody else would love to have it; in your house, it’s just clutter.

Go back outside and look around. What about the yard trash you keep promising your better half to get bagged up for the weekly trash pickup? Don’t forget to prune the shrubs away from the foundation walls, along with tree limbs overhanging the house and gutters. These are ready pathways for pests unto and into your home.

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