Overland Park's Ultimate Rodent Prevention Handbook

February 15, 2021

Some people hate them, some people keep them as pets, and others cohabitate with them entirely unintentionally.

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Rodents are invasive pests in Overland Park that are unfortunately common. These pests may take on many forms, but the most common are well-known: rats and mice. If you are facing an infestation in your home, it is likely either rats or mice (but rarely both at the same time).

Rodents get inside a home by exploiting structural weaknesses, entry points, and specific openings around the home. They are often looking for food, water, or shelter, especially from the cold. This makes late winter and early spring one of the most active periods of household infestation.

From food contamination to the spread of serious disease, rodents cause problems in every home they infest. Let’s dive right into Augustine Exterminators' ultimate rodent prevention handbook. 

Rodent Prevention Tips For Overland Park Residents

Below is a list of the most important rodent prevention tips for residents in Overland Park:

  • Ensure that you are properly storing all food and trash within the home. Food items should be kept in sealed containers or plastic bags, and kept off the counters as often as possible. Pet food in particular should be sealed up tightly. 

  • All trash and food waste should be stored in a properly weighted trash bin, preferably one with a lid. Remove this trash from the home on a regular basis, at least once a week. 

  • All potential entry points in the home must be eliminated through repairs or replacements. Seal cracks and crevices with waterproof caulking. Patch or entirely replace door or window screens with holes.

  • Finally, replace door sweeps that have broken, rotted, or simply become ineffective. 

  • Rats and mice are capable of slipping through the tiniest of holes. Rats can get through holes the size of a quarter, while mice can scramble through holes sized at a nickel or larger. Worse, these creatures can chew through materials that humans find difficult to break, including drywall, wood, and even some forms of concrete. If you are not able to patch potential weak points or large holes on your own, it will be imperative to speak with a reputable local handyman.

Rodents are nobody’s idea of a good time and should be carefully excluded from your home using a variety of preventive methods. If you are worried that rats or mice have already breached the walls of your Overland Park home, you will need to swiftly move into action. Book an at-home inspection from Augustine Exterminators to evaluate the situation immediately. 

Send Your Pest Problems Packing With Augustine Exterminators

The above prevention tips and helpful tricks are excellent means of mitigating potential infestations, but the fact of the matter is that rodents are flat-out impossible to remove alone. Not only are they potentially dangerous to handle, but their quiet intelligence and instinct for survival make them a difficult pest to find and destroy. 

For total rodent control and prevention, it's wise to contact the professionals at Augustine Exterminators at your earliest convenience. Not only is our expert crew fully trained in proper rodent removal techniques, but we are passionate about doing so with a wave and a smile. An average of 17 years of experience is found in every employee and boosted by continuous education that keeps our knowledge fresh, innovative, and applicable to every type of rodent concern.

Give yourself the gift of pest-free living when scheduling a one-time or quarterly service package through Augustine Exterminators right away. Our Overland Park residential pest control services are always available to you and your family, no matter what your current rodent situation may be. The name of Augustine Exterminators scares pests to death — literally! See for yourself by calling our crew of rodent professionals now.

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