Overland Park’s Handy Guide To Termite Swarmers

April 15, 2021

As seasons change, pest populations adapt along with the weather. When spring brings the first bit of warmth for insects, all kinds of new pest infestations take hold. With termite swarms, this is a precursor to far worse issues for local property owners. Learning how to prepare for and spot the signs of termite swarmers may just save your property from disaster.

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What Is Termite Season?

Termite season is the time of year when flying termites -- typically called swarmers but known scientifically as alates -- emerge from overwintering. They fly off to find new land to colonize, which is why flying termite swarms are often the first sign of emerging pest problems. Once swarmers find suitable territory, they shed their wings and begin producing hundreds of termites to build a new colony. While termite season is the time when new colonies typically start, it’s important to note that termites are active year-round. Because of their subterranean lifestyles, termites can survive the winter more easily than other insects. When they can’t find readily available roots and underground woods, termites will grow their tunnels toward wooden structures, which means damage to homes and businesses.

Swarms Are The First Sign

While it’s important to know when termite season begins -- typically mid-March to early May -- it’s also crucial to understand that termite populations are incredibly difficult to control. Seeing swarms flying around your property means that mature termite colonies have likely already formed nearby, so containing termites on your own property can depend on the preparedness of entire communities. Flying termites typically target properties with easy access to wood and other fibrous debris, which can include just about anywhere with a yard and accessible soils. Unless you’re frequently checking for signs of termites outside, a colony can form quickly and cause much greater damage once it grows toward your exterior. Often, property owners aren’t even aware that they have a termite problem before the signs are apparent and costly. This is why early prevention is key and why smart property owners enlist the help of professionals.

How To Prevent Colonies From Forming

Knowing when termite season occurs won’t matter if you haven’t already been taking steps to keep them off your property. Spotting swarms may be the first sign, but you’ll have to be well ahead of an infestation by addressing these factors in advance:

  • Wood storage: Properties with firewood are super attractive to swarmers looking for easy initial food supply for their new colony.
  • Yard debris: Even bark piles, tree trimmings, and other yard debris can attract termites. Maintaining a tidy yard is about more than just cosmetics.
  • Crack sealing: This is a step that can prevent already existing termite colonies outside from making it inside your walls. Tiny holes or cracks in your exterior, even the foundation, can provide termites with access to interior woods.
  • Moisture control: While it can be difficult to control moisture buildup around your yard, termites are attracted to damp woods and moist areas. Making sure you address water damage and leaks is crucial for preventing pest access.

The Best Protection From Augustine Exterminators

While it’s important to get an early start on termite prevention, you can’t always control all the factors that bring termites to your neighborhood. Once a single colony forms, swarms aren’t far off. That’s why everyone should turn to effective solutions offered by pest experts. At Augustine Exterminators, we can quickly schedule an inspection of your property, making sure that you’re prepared for termite season and that colonies haven’t already formed. If termites are already there, it’s critical that you seek professional help before they can cause irreversible damage to your property.

Make sure termites never get a foothold on your property with assistance from Augustine Exterminators.

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