Just How Dangerous Are The Mosquitoes In Kansas City?

July 13, 2021

It is not always easy to live your best life. Work is difficult, social interactions can be strained, and bills can sometimes feel insurmountable. Throw unforeseen sickness into the mix, and things start to feel out of control. Although we cannot help you with the drudgeries of life, we can help you avoid getting sick. How can we do this? By helping you keep mosquitoes off your Kansas City property. If you didn’t know, these small pests are dangerous because they pose many risks to human health. For this reason, it is important that you know how to combat them around your yard. To help you do this, consider these simple facts.

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Mosquitoes Are Dangerous

If you should know anything about mosquitoes, you should know that these pests are dangerous. The good news is that they are not as dangerous here in the states as they are in third-world countries. This is due to our access to high-quality health care and treatments for mosquito-borne diseases. You should not, however, let these things stop you from having respect for these sometimes dangerous pests. Every time a mosquito bites you, there is a small chance you will contract a harmful pathogen. Some of the most common diseases people contract from these pests in the United States are malaria, West Nile virus, and dengue fever. 

Mosquitoes Breed In Water

The more sources of stagnant water a property has the more likely it will be to have trouble with mosquitoes. If you leave out containers, toys, and other items that collect water outside during rainstorms, you will see an increase in mosquito populations around your yard. Other places these pests lay their eggs include in ornate pools, gutter systems, birdbaths, and ponds. To eliminate these breeding grounds around your property, here are some things we recommend.

  • Pour out water that collects around your property after rainstorms.

  • Make sure your gutters and drain systems are in good working order.

  • Fill in areas of your yard that regularly pool and retain water after rainstorms.

  • Change the water in birdbaths and ornate pools once every four days.

  • Stock ponds with mosquitofish.

Mosquitoes Are Terrible Flyers

One interesting fact about mosquitoes is that they are terrible flyers. Maybe you have noticed that mosquitoes bite less on windy days. This is because they are having a difficult time landing to take a bite. Use this fact to your advantage by installing fans around outdoor lounging areas such as covered porches, decks, and awnings. 

Mosquitoes Find People Attractive

Many things attract mosquitoes. You may be doing many of these things every day and not know it. To help you become less alluring to these annoying and dangerous pests, here are three things that attract mosquitoes.

  • Your clothing color attracts mosquitoes. Darker colors make you more visible and lighter colors make you harder to see.

  • Mosquitoes smell the carbon dioxide we breathe, our sweat, and lactic acid that builds up when we work or play outdoors. 

  • Your blood type may affect how attractive you are to mosquitoes. Studies show that type O is their favorite.

A Great Way To Prevent Mosquitoes

Have you ever heard of professional mosquito control? It is an amazing way to keep these dangerous pests off a property or away from an outdoor event center. If you are tired of being bitten in your yard, let the experts at Augustine Exterminators, INC help you out. We will implement the advanced solutions your Greater Kansas City property needs to combat mosquitoes.

Reach out to us now to learn more about our mosquito control plans.

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