How To Identify And Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Kansas City Metro Home

June 17, 2023

Kansas City Metro is a relatively new and growing community of about 24,000 people; initially intended to be a golf course, it has developed into a vibrant community. This close-knit community is near one of the largest malls in the United States. One pest in the area that enjoys places where lots of people like to congregate is the bed bug. Without pest control in Kansas City Metro, the well-traveled bed bug might catch a ride in a public place like a mall and ride right into your home.

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How To Identify A Bed Bug

Bed bugs used to be a pest of the past, but they have recently begun to rear their ugly heads. With this resurgence, visually identifying bed bugs is essential. Bed bugs are small; they measure about 3/16 inches. Some say they look like a walking apple seed with two antennae and six legs. Their bodies are typically brown with an oval shape and tend to be flat before feeding. After they siphon blood from your body, bed bug bodies will bloat and look red. Bed bugs hide in areas with easy access to blood supplies; they typically target bedrooms. If you see or experience what you think are bed bug bites, a quick call to Augustine Exterminators, Inc. can set the wheels in motion to remove these parasites before they get out of hand.

Bed Bug Infestations Only Get Worse With Time

Procrastination is not a good thing when it comes to bed bug infestations. They are masters at hitching rides into homes unnoticed. While homeowners are blissfully unaware of a bed bug's presence, females are busy bringing babies into the world. Females can lay up to five eggs every day. Since it only takes about 21 days before baby bed bugs mature into reproducing adults, the baby-making machine can increase bed bug populations quickly. When reproduction is allowed to continue unabated, and blood supplies in the bedroom start to wane, bed bugs will spread out to other rooms; at this point, even family pets are in danger of losing blood. 

Bed bugs can also fool homeowners; a slight reprieve might make homeowners think bed bugs are gone, but they can go long periods without a blood resupply. If homeowners suspect a bed bug problem, they should contact a pest professional like Augustine Exterminators, Inc. Quickly responding to bed bug infestations can help limit discomfort and restore your home to its happy place.

The Many Ways Bed Bugs Find Their Way Into Your Home

Bed bugs are different from most household pests; they typically hang out in public places where humans congregate in large numbers. Since bed bugs don't fly, they hide in out-of-the-way locations and wait for something or someone to brush up against them. Using their legs, they will attach themselves to people or objects to hitch a ride into homes.

Locations where bed bugs typically camp out waiting for rides include:

  • Educational facilities (schools/colleges)
  • Transportation facilities (airports, buses, trains)
  • Lodging facilities (hotels, motels, rentals)
  • Offices
  • Yard/garage sales and second-hand stores

People can unknowingly pick up and transport bed bugs into homes. A bug with this kind of stealth capability requires expert help from Augustine Exterminators, Inc. to affect effective bed bug control in Kansas City Metro.

Call The Professionals At The First Sign Of Bed Bugs

The best way to ensure bed bug removal is by calling the pest professionals at Augustine Exterminators, Inc. Our family-owned and operated company has 20 years of bed bug and pest control experience. Our hands-on approach and personal touch ensure our customer's concerns are always our top priority. Because we care about your family and the environment, we always strive to use eco-friendly products to eliminate your pest problems. Get in touch today with Augustine Exterminators, Inc. for local pest control for bed bugs.

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