Don't Let The Pests In Kansas City Ruin Your Summer

July 15, 2022

It is summertime in Kansas City, and while we enjoy the parks, trails, and outdoor activities, we encounter many outdoor pests. It is one thing to confront these insects in a public place, but you certainly do not want to be bothered by them in your home. If you have a pest problem on your property, you need quality pest control in Kansas City provided by Augustine Exterminators.

fire ants crawling on the ground

What Kind Of Pests Should I Worry About?

If you live in the Kansas City metro area, you should worry about crawling and flying insects such as wasps and hornets, bees, mosquitoes, and ants. These insects can invade your home and yard and damage your home with their nesting practices. If they bite or sting you, they can cause irritation, discomfort, and allergic reactions, and some of these pests can also spread disease to you and your family. 

Mosquito Control Done The Right Way

Mosquitoes are small six-legged flying insects active from dawn to dusk.

These greyish pests are carriers of many diseases such as:

  • Malaria
  • Yellow fever
  • West Nile virus
  • Dengue
  • Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE)

The diseases of concern to Kansas City area residents are the West Nile virus, dengue, and Eastern equine encephalitis. You can help control mosquitoes in your area by making sure there is no standing water present in places such as flower pots, pool covers, tires, and kiddie pools. Change the water regularly in birdbaths and pet bowls on the property as well. If these tips don't significantly reduce the mosquitoes on your property, then you need the professional, licensed team at Augustine Exterminators.

Ants Can Be A Pesky Problem

Ants are another crawling insect that causes worry. You are likely to encounter the following ants in the Kansas City and Overland Park areas:

  • Black ants: Outside, black ant swarms are common along sidewalks, under rotten logs, piles of bricks, or lumber during the summer months. Inside the home, black ants are in woodwork, holes in walls, masonry, and behind facades. Black ants have a stinger, but it is not a concern to humans.
  • Fire ants: On the other hand, the sting of a fire ant is of concern. The sting of a fire ant is painful, resulting in a white pustule. Fire ants are fast, and if you disturb them, they will quickly swarm and sting multiple times. Fire ants build large mounds of up to four feet outside near foundational structures and landscaping materials such as potted plants. They may enter the home through HVAC systems.
  • Carpenter ants: Carpenter ants cause damage to your home. Carpenter ants prefer wood softened by a fungus, which tends to be in crawlspaces and inside walls, resulting in hidden damage until it is too late. Over some time, they damage your home by excavating wood as they construct their nests.

Keep The Stinging Insects At Bay In Kansas City

Although it would be nice if the Kansas City and Overland Park areas were free from stinging insects, we are not. There are three primary stinging insects of concern:

  • Bees
  • Wasps
  • Hornets

Bees are typically not aggressive, except for the male carpenter bee. Fortunately, the male carpenter bee does not have a stinger, and female carpenter bees rarely sting. Bumble bees will inflict multiple stings on anyone who is invading their nest. If you leave them alone, they will not bother you. Honey bees are not aggressive and will only attack if their nests are disturbed.

Wasps and hornets are territorial and aggressive. They like to build their nests in trees, shrubs, under eaves, and on or in the ground. If you are not careful, you can disturb a wasp or hornet nest while playing or working in the yard. Paper wasps build their nests in the porch area where the action of the porch door may set off an attack.

The best way to keep all these pests in Kansas City and the Overland Park area at bay is to use the best pest control in Kansas City, Augustine Exterminators. Our licensed team members are knowledgeable about the insects causing you trouble in your Kansas City home. Reach out to us today and let us solve your pest problem. 

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