Cockroaches In The Greater Kansas City Area And All Their Pesky Hiding Places

February 15, 2022

Finding cockroaches or signs of cockroach infestation in your home can be downright traumatizing. No one in the Greater Kansas City area wants to walk into the bathroom or kitchen and find one of these little buggers. There are many reasons as to why that is, however in a lot of cases, these “little” buggers are just massive cockroaches. As such, it can be jarring to find a cockroach in your home. Especially with the common misconception that they only manifest in dirty houses.

In actuality, cockroaches can be found anywhere people are. That being said, if you live in the Greater Kansas City area, you might come across a cockroach or two. Your Kansas City Metro home might even be under attack by the cockroaches in the area. But, don’t fret just yet, because there are many solutions to this problem!

large American cockroach

Where Do I Look For Cockroaches In My Kansas City Metro Home?

The cockroaches that could be in your home like to hide. The reason mainly is that they are nocturnal, but they can also adapt to your behavior. They typically live in groups, so there is a good chance that there are more if you see one. Here are a few of the more typical hiding spots that cockroaches utilize:

  • Drains and pipes
  • Trashcan
  • Bathtubs
  • Cabinets and drawers
  • Under furniture
  • Inside vents
  • Basements and attics

These massive cockroaches, any size too big for comfort, hideout during the day then search for food at night. They can be found nearly anywhere in your home so being vigilant is key. 

Should I Be Worried If I See One Cockroach In My House?

You should always be wary if you see signs of cockroach infestation around your home. This is not only because cockroaches are disgusting creatures, but they can also be dangerous. Cockroaches can carry pathogens that make it easy to transmit disease.

You’ll want to learn how to get rid of cockroaches the second you find them. As a garbage bug that likes hanging out in sewage and waste, they can trail germs and extra throughout your home. What’s more, is that these bugs like to travel with friends. One of the ways they make sure others can find them is by leaving a trail of fecal matter as they scurry around your home.

How To Prevent Cockroaches In Your Kansas City Metro Kitchen 

One of the best ways in how to get rid of cockroaches is by figuring out prevention methods. You’ll find that roaches are quite resilient, able to live without food and water for months. Still, while they can be challenging to get rid of, it’s not impossible. Here are a few steps you can take to prevent cockroaches:

  • Seal your food properly
  • Empty your trash regularly
  • Clean and clear your sink of food
  • Close up entry points
  • Clear excess debris around your home (paper, cardboard, insulation)

You can do all of these things to keep cockroaches away. However, if they have already infiltrated your home, eliminating them can take a lot of work. Difficult, but once again, not impossible.

Is Pest Control For Roaches Worth It In Kansas City Metro

If you are looking for the most comprehensive form of pest control, then give us a call at Augustine Exterminators! The best way to ensure that cockroaches are eradicated from your home is to call in professionals. Our team at Augustine Exterminators has been providing service you can depend on for over half a century. 

We take pride in providing the best of services to each of our clients so they can get back their peace of mind. Our company puts people first, from our customers to our employees. All of this ensures that only the important stuff stays while bugs and pests hit the road. Call us at Augustine Exterminators today, where our name scares pests to death!

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