An Integrated Approach To Pest Management

October 27, 2014

When the weather shifts from warm to cool, humans, animals, and insects alike all begin to make the necessary preparations for the colder months ahead. For humans, this may mean cleaning the gutters in preparation for the falling autumn leaves. Animals prepare by growing a thick winter coat, while insects and other pests begin to search for a warmer and drier area to wait out the cold months. Unfortunately, that more comfortable place could be within the walls of your home or commercial business.

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Pests, in particular, have the incredible ability to thrive over long periods of time and through extreme temperatures and evolutionary changes. Just think about the unfortunate, but noteworthy, ability of the cockroach, who has thrived since the prehistoric times of the dinosaur! This incredible will to survive and multiply is just one of many reasons why pest management for homes and businesses is so critical.

For more than fifty years, Augustine Exterminators has offered premier pest control services in the greater Kansas City area. The residential and commercial pest control service specialists at Augustine Exterminators take a scientific approach to pest control that is designed to reduce the impact of pests and pest colonies from affecting homes and commercial properties, as well as the health of the individuals living and working inside.

The residential and commercial pest control service specialists at Augustine Exterminators can help you address any pest control issues in your home or business through an integrated approach that uses sanitation, mechanics, and chemical methods. Much like humans or animals, these pests are always on the lookout for ways to meet critical needs and survive by finding food, water/moisture, and a place to create a home. For instance, mice, spiders, and cockroaches all look for a void or wall space to make a home.

Augustine Exterminators Approach To Pest Control

  • Sanitation: the removal of trash and clutter, elimination of standing water and filling of holes or gaps where a pest could take up residence inside

  • Mechanical: the construction or application of the use of traps, barriers for pest control or the physical removal of pests

  • Chemical: a professional application of insecticides and pesticides through the application of granules or a spray by a Residential and Commercial Pest Control Service Specialist

Because each pest control situation is dependent on a number of factors, the residential and commercial pest control service specialists at Augustine Exterminators approach each situation with a combination of personal experience, and the expertise of the company’s tried-and-true pest control services. Depending on the needs of the customer, Augustine Exterminators can offer one-time service calls, regular monthly service calls for serious pest control problems, or a quarterly maintenance program.

Allow the residential and commercial pest control service experts at Augustine Exterminators to help you assess and recommend the best form of pest control for your unique pest control problem. Contact Augustine Exterminators today for a free estimate on pest control services for your business or home. Call (913) 362-4399 in Kansas or (816) 399-5872 in Missouri or toll-free at (800) 362-4399 from any location.

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