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Magic Formula To Effective Mosquito Control For Your Kansas City Property

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a mosquito perched on a leaf

Mosquitoes can be the most annoying pests to deal with on your Kansas City property. No one likes to have these flying, blood-sucking insects hanging around. Their bites can hurt, and they leave you with red, itchy bumps that last for days. Mosquitoes are also difficult to get rid of and they can take over an area quickly.

While most people hate dealing with mosquitoes because they are so obnoxious, many people don’t realize just how dangerous they are. They are the deadliest animals in the world because they spread many diseases from one host to the next. Here is a description of these little disease-spreading biters:

  • They have long, thin legs.
  • They have a long, skinny appendage from their mouths that the females use to suck blood.
  • They have a single pair of wings.
  • Their wings and bodies can appear to be covered in small scales.

Just How Dangerous Are Mosquitoes?

Dealing with the marks that mosquitoes leave when they bite is never fun. No one likes to have bug bites and mosquito bites are known for being extremely itchy. And, as mentioned, mosquitoes are known to spread some of the deadliest diseases on the planet. Here are some of the main health risks of mosquito bites:

  • They can spread illnesses such as West Nile Virus, malaria, Zika virus, and dengue. 
  • They also carry and spread dozens of other diseases. 
  • Some bites can become infected if there is excessive scratching.

It’s clear that mosquitoes aren’t pests you want to have around, and preventing and controlling their populations near your home or business is a necessity.

The Control And Prevention Of Mosquitoes

Since mosquitoes are so dangerous, knowing how to prevent them is essential. Mosquitoes become common during the warmer months of the year, and trying to keep them away from your property can be difficult. While not 100% effective, there are some things you can do to make your property less appealing to these harmful pests. The best way to go about mosquito control is to try to make your yard an unattractive place for mosquitoes to live.

Here are a few prevention tips:

  • Get rid of any standing water on your property.
  • Keep other water features like hot tubs and pools properly treated with chemicals.
  • Regularly clean out gutters.
  • Make sure that rainfall can drain.
  • Get help from the professionals at Augustine Exterminators.

The Best Way To Control Mosquito Populations

Mosquitoes are some of the hardest pests to deal with, and most products to get rid of them only deter them for a time. The best way to keep mosquitoes away from your Kansas City property and significantly lower their numbers is to get help from the experts at Augustine Exterminators. Our mosquito control programs will keep mosquitoes away so you don’t have to deal with them.

Reach out to us today for prompt, professional assistance.